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Hillary Clinton is Hopelessly Compromised as a Candidate

August 19th, 2015 | Comments Off on Hillary Clinton is Hopelessly Compromised as a Candidate

Tough statement, but it’s true.


Many reasons, each bad, but in aggregate, it’s hopeless.

Right now, we don’t even know the real story, as her track record over just a year, or there abouts, is the “truthful statement” ends up being no where near the portrayal of the real conditions, except it’s on the same topic.

My opinion is the worst case, if she is to be elected, is her selling favors to foreign and domestic agents (a generic term for those she did her round-a-bout business with, which comprises both corporations as well as governments, both foreign and domestic.  Why?  She has taken payments for future actions to be carried out.  A verbal contract, as it were, a promise to deliver, once she is in the White House.

Once there, as we see with the current resident, the entire apparatus of the Federal Government can be quickly molded to provide the necessary execution (sorry, the word fits) of her commitments.  As we know, from just the story of the ownership of uranium mines, she’s willing to sell everything for a price.  Beyond her abuse of the handling of past National secrets, it’s the future that’s more dangerous.  Once she becomes a willing participant, for just the agreements already in place for the funding “donated” to the Clinton Foundation, those who know she will provide services for a price, will all line up to ask for their personalized requests.  Take that a step further and let’s quote that often heard statement “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  She will find, as she tests the waters inside her control from the Oval Office, where the paths of least resistance and then put them into play.

From here, she will also have the vast array of Federal departments to suppress, or remove altogether, dissenters or those whistle blowers who could derail her plans.  This isn’t conjecture:  The DOJ, IRS, BLM, HSS and DHS already have been used to carry out such direction from the White House.  The precedent has been set, and the supporters of President Obama are all for it.  See my thoughts on that on my last post regarding goring oxes here.

Not only can she then turn the Federal System into a money making machine for her and her family, as well as those who have remained fiercely loyal to her all these years, already with her plans, she will accelerate what she can do, with access unfettered.

What that means to all of us is corporations and also foreign entities will have first say on what happens in this nation.  Worse yet, I see no spines in Congress to stand up to such abuses, now for fear of being called racists, will now fear being labeled as a sexist.

The second order effect of this will be this:  Those who have handed over money for influence, knowing that exposing this will damage her, much worse than than it will them.  When she does have to work through “red tape,” they will have little patience for excuses from “the most powerful woman on the planet” and will constantly hang the the phrase, or words to the effect, “you don’t want us to go to the press, do you?” over her head.  Once that dominance of her decision making is established, then they will begin dictating to her what she will do next.  Much like every Cold War era movie about turncoats, her mastery will turn to slavery.

And if the business people who have empowered her via giving large sums isn’t enough, every single one of her emails from her server in the bathroom of an apartment, managed by just a small mom and pop business have got to have been captured or stolen.  They can all, via diplomatic channels, hold that sword of Damocles over her neck for all international discussions and policy making, knowing if they release just the selected few showing she sold her country off for some silver would end up with her being handcuffed and led off to Federal court on charges of treason, a first for a sitting President.  They have her where they want her, and there is nothing that can be done to save us if she gets into the White House, short of some very brave souls who will face an army of internal supporters who have been turning a blind eye to her behavior for many decades.

And you all though the Supreme Court Citizens United decision on allowing corporations to make campaign contributions was bad?  How about if she lets anyone with the requisite number of dollars to tell her what to do?  Ironic, isn’t it, that a top rated Democratic front runner is opposed to corporations making donations (while taking them, by the way), but they are fine with a Russian consortium being given permission to take over 20% of the US owned uranium mines?

Her ratings are falling off the cliff right now, but until she is forced out of the race, she will not remove herself from her run.  That’s my prediction on these grounds:  She has cut deals with some very powerful people around the planet, who are fully expecting to be repaid as agreed.  If she was to volunteer to step down “for the good of the Democratic Party” (I’m sure it won’t be presented any other way, certainly not “for the good of the Nation”), it would be like taking many multi-million loans from many loan sharks, then just deciding to walk away and not repay the debt.

I’m thinking what will happen is the investigation into the private email server by the FBI will come up as there were violations of Federal law, and she will be told she cannot run for office.  Whether that will come as the result of Federal charges that would dis-allow her from running for any public office, or just the back channel pressure forces her to end her run.

Additional note:  The FBI wouldn’t have confiscated the server without the permission of President Obama, as, even if he just read about this in the news paper, this is far too significant of an overt act for any of his top level management to have taken this upon themselves (if they had, I’m sure they would have “resigned” by now for a “lack of confidence”).  I think this act falls into one of two categories:  Obama will allow her to save face and have an alibi to give to those who have enriched her and Bill and even her daughter, or he’s just playing out his animosity for them and this will certainly drive a knife through their hearts.  She could end up far more poor than when she left the White House, as in really poor, and disgraced.

When she steps down (I think that is the most likely outcome by the news of today), she will have to face those she promised.  Those people have access to people who will extract revenge for her being so foolish as to compromise her opportunity to get to the seat of power, where she could make good on her verbal contracts.  This, I will predict, shall not end well.

She is, hopelessly compromised.  If she is elected, more damage will be done bvefore it can be stopped, let alone repaired.


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